The Y Factor


'The Cosmic Energy Motor will be the lever switch which will turn our present civilisation into that of the coming Cosmic Age. The Cloudbuster and the Spacegun are the twin brothers of the OR motor.' JO Vol2, Num1, 1968, Blasband, USA Vs Wilhelm Reich (Court Briefs) pp42.

'The high counts at the GM counter represented the energy discharge and sudden release of highly pent up energy. OR energy in discharge is always motoric and in the states of pointed existence' - Contact with Space, pp256, WR.


Diagram of Possible Y Factor



I think there is a possible solution to the Y Factor mystery, the component of Reich's orgone motor which has been secret for 70 years. I've attempted to condense the information about the Y Factor and the orgone motor into one diagram (above) but in more detail:

In 1947 Reich start experimenting with Geiger Muller (GM) nuclear radiation detectors. He was reluctant to buy one at first thinking they wouldn't work with orgonotic phenomena. Initially, the GM detector showed no reaction to the ORACs (Orgone Accumulators) or to the Orgone dark room (a room sized orgone accumulator). Then after the detectors had been soaked in orgone for some weeks they started reacted strongly, stronger than if the GM counter were next to a nuclear reactor.

Reich's GM counter had a dial which could do a full rotation. The dial would at times completely revolve. Reich immediately realised he had discovered a motor effect of orgone. Previously he had known that orgone (pre-Atomic energy) was antithetical to electrical and mechanical energies (post-Atomic energy) but he didn't understand how the two types of energies were interrelated. At first Reich called the motor effect the Geiger Muller effect (The Geiger Muller Effect of Cosmic Orgone, Orgone Energy Bulletin 1951 -


A Typical Commercial Geiger Muller Counter Circa 1940


Reich came to see the tube of the Geiger counter as a mini-ORAC. So he decided to get some specially made vacuum tubes which had inner metal electrical plates surrounded by glass so they would be like a mini-ORAC too (but like the Geiger tubes with an electrical input). He called these VACOR tubes and charged them with orgone for weeks like he did the earlier GM tubes.

Reich noted that mechanically minded scientists would have missed the motor effect. Reich knowing that orgone works slowly allowed time for charges to accrue. Once the tubes were charged up, after some weeks, he connected an ordinary battery to a set of VACOR tubes then to an ORAC and finally to an electric motor (see bottom part of top diagram). The battery provided an initial 1/2 volt stimulus to the orgone - not enough to run the 16V motor. The VACOR tubes and ORAC boosted the activity of the orgone still further. The orgone, when very excited and concentrated, spontaneously converts into electricity turning a small electric rotory motor. The motor function is not in fact complicated - if the orgone was activated enough the VACOR tubes could be removed. In fact, as Reich noted in his last published book, Contact With Space, all ORACs have a weak motor function already because they cause a spontaneous rise in temperature (which can be seen as moving particles). This spontaneous rise in temperature has been extensively confirmed scientifically in this paper by Demeo. See also Dr Demeo's research site.


Maglione's Study of the Ark and its Similarity to Reich's ORAC



The Orgonomic Potential (OP), the charge of the orgone in a certain space, is the key to understanding the Y Factor Maglione believes. Through showing that the Ark of the Covenant was a very strong ORAC, Maglione has revealed that the Y Factor is based on a very high OP. Maglione believes the Ark of the Covenent achieved its very high OP through activation by a radioactive compound called Shamir. Shamir is similar to the radium Reich used in the Oranur Experiment and to aspects of ORUR, orgone treated radium, although this isn't a simple one to one parallel. Both orgone activating radium, ORUR (Orgonised Radium) and Shamir change over time. See the post-scripts below for more on this.

Reich didn't feel the time was yet right to reveal the orgone motor fully because he feared what would happen if the world, especially the totalitarian states, had unlimited power. This was his given public reason anyway and I know of no other rationales tp offer. But he left numerous clues and the basic principle is not actually that hard to work out. Basic repitition would involve no more than an ORAC and a GM Counter, at least at first. One clue Reich left is a little known statement from his court proceedings reprinted in Journal of Orgonomy in 1969 (see header of artilce for full reference). He states that the Cloudbuster (CB) and Spacegun (SG) are the twin brothers of the Orgone Motor. A Spacegun is a cloudbuster activated by radioactive/post-radioactive substance called ORUR (orgone treated radium). We can interpret 'twin brothers' to mean 'orgonomic variations' in a orgonomic functional diagram. So the CB and the SG are the orgonomic variations and the Orgone Motor is the CFP (Common Functioning Principle). The CB pulls orgone from a low Orgonomic Potential (the sky) to a high OP (a lake/river). A SG shoots orgone from a high OP (radioactive ORUR) to a low OP (the sky). So the CB and SG represent OR moving in two directions, pulled from low to high (CB) and shot from high to low OP (SG). The CFP is orgonotic movement of high orgone charge. So in an orgone motor you have a high OP of contained but moving activated orgone. That the Spacegun is related to the orgone motor also implies that there is a radioactive component to the orgone motor.

Reich loved acronyms and initials, but no one has yet been able to work out what the Y Factor stands for. To produce a motor effect from orgone you simply need a high OP moving in a contained space as Reich evidenced with his GM experiments. To get that effect you need something that causes the orgone to have high OP as Maglione has noted in his excellent new book, 'The Legendary Shamir'. I would strongly recommend this book as it has nearly all the relevant details on the orgone motor collected in one place. It also reveals the basis of the orgone motor's functioning and common ground with the Ark of the Covenent. The radioactive factor of orgonotic radium (ORUR) has some correspondence to the activating factor in the Ark of the Covenant - the Shamir, except as Maglione has worked out the Shamir was hundreds of times more powerful than the ORUR in quantity if not in quality too. Order direct from author at

Any radioactive/post-radioactive substance (Shamir or ORUR) or electrical stimulus inside an ORAC or Ark such as from the Geiger Muller Counter's electrical charge or Reich's inititating battery in the orgone motor set up would have an activating effect upon the orgone sufficient to create a motor effect. In fact, as noted previously, all ORACs already have a weak motor effect because of the rise in ambient temperature inside an ORAC (To-T). Reich probably had radioactive sources in Orgonon in 1947 (this was before the Oranur Experiment and his ordering of small amounts of radium which he used inside strong ORACs to see if radiation could be subdued by orgone in about 1951). He had XRay sources for testing equipment which might have been radioactive, possibly Cobalt-60. Also he had a radium dial watch which had been subdued by the high orgone charge at Orgonon. Perhaps if Reich had already used a small amount of radioactive substance with the orgone motor this might be why he was confident that orgone might subdue nuclear radiation in the later Oranur Experiment. If he had called the secret factor of the orgone motor the OP Factor (Orgonomic Potential), OM Factor (Orgonomic Movement), R Factor (Radioactivity) or A Factor (Activity) then it would have been easily guessed and rightly or wrongly he wanted to keep it secret. So considering his love of acronyms and initials, perhaps it was a reverse initial - radio/activit'Y'. Although he referred to the Y Function occasionally, it was mostly referred to as the Y 'Factor'. A factor is just a part of a process - not how that process functions. The orgonomist, Lois Wyvell's recollection was that the Y Factor was 'with' the ORAC connected to the orgone motor suggesting a physical component. That the Y of Y Factor looks like an orgonomic functional symbol, Reich's key symbol is a background meaning which connects in with his hint about the CB and SG being twins of the OR Motor in Contact with Space. Both myself and Maglione believe the Y Factor is primarily a physical component.


Zamboni Dry Pile Battery


It should not be that difficult to recreate a orgone motor from what is now known thanks to Maglione's new book and the outline here of the probable basic principles. I suggest a Zamboni type dry pile (a type of multi-layered dry battery itself similar to an ORAC) contained in an activated ORAC might be sufficient and

If the OR Motor is an area of interest I would suggest the following literature: the oranur experiment (, details on the orgone motor which is condensed from various sources by Maglione, The Legendary Shamir available from author at, Contact With Space, Reich's last published book with much on oranur (, and a review of my Annotated Bibliography of the Post-Reich Journals, which condenses most of the orgonomic journals from 1957 to early 2000s and is available free, some 300 plus pages of info ( See the sections on experiments and cloudbusters in particular. Also it would be helpful to get advice from experienced orgonomic researchers before attempting any such experiments as there can be side-effects of experimenting with oranur.  At a minimum I would recommend the following: only use small amounts of electrical stimulus (less than 1/2 volt) or a small amount of naturally occuring radioactive substance or mineral such as trinitarium as an activator of the ORAC. The ORAC would need to be kept away from living areas. Oranur created by these experiments can overcharge people who are not accustomed to it and can cause old illnesses to arise if one is not careful. Grounding oneself in water and salt can lessen overcharge. I do not recommend anyone undertake experimentation in this area without advice from experienced orgone resarchers and without reading the background literature above. Feel free to contact me about this.

I would commend Maglione's book as it has all the relevant information concerning the orgone motor all in one place and brings the information together in a uniquely understandable way in the context of both ancient science and modern orgonomy, illuminating both in the process.

Post-script - Reich continually simplified the Geiger counter reaction for a year to arrive at the orgone motor. The vacuum orgone tubes are simplified versions of the Geiger tubes (both are mini-ORACs with an electrical current but the orgone vacuum tubes don't have a gas filling). The essential aspect is simply orgone charge activated by electricity. Eventually the Vacuum tubes could also be discarded with just the Y Factor providing the activation until the orgone spontaneously converts into electricity. Also Reich called the OR Motor 'dirty' which again indicates to me that radioactivity might be involved, although electricity from an ordinary source can also initiate at least a weak motor function.

Second postscript - The Orur - Shamir comparison in the above post is not quite as simple as I have indicated. Orur is in a kind of 'post-radioactive' phase and as such the Orur may be quite different in nature to untreated radium in its reaction to orgone. Orur may not be as useful as an 'excitant' of orgone as untreated radium in Maglione's view. The Orur might correspond more closely to later stage Shamir in it's activity. My impression is that it is possible the early stage Shamir was originally just a fair quantity of radium, or similar radioactive substance (certainly many times more powerful than the 1mg pieces Reich used). There is also a another possible correspondence between Orur and later stage Shamir (when after decades or centuries it loses its radioactivity and becomes a new post-radioactive substance) and the existence in the past of items known as Philosopher Stones. There is so much we don't know about Orur, Shamir and also regarding untreated radium as an orgone excitant. The properties of these items change over time.