The Three AIs



The room went silent as the last of the participants came in and took his position at the head of the conference table. An atmosphere of excited anticipation could be felt throughout the room. The room gradually became cloudy as though a smoke had arisen out of nowhere - but none of the twelve people sat around the table moved or took the slightest notice. The cloudiness seemed to come from around the table itself. In the middle of the table was a dark mahogany wooden cube about 1 foot square. It was inscribed throughout with ancient Chinese calligraphy, in small gold characters. It looked heavy, and indeed it was, being lined with two inches of solid gold.

The man at the head of the table straightened his Chinese style collar and said, ‘Shen Shi’ which means “Gentlemen”. The lady coughed and the leader smiled. He then proceeded to remove the top of the wooded box. He placed it to one side. From his jacket pocket he produced a small glass case. He placed this within the wooden box and sat back, folded his arms and waited. The smoke increased as soon as the glass vial was within the box. It now felt as though the room had moved into an entirely new space, a new dimension even, yet no material movement had occurred. A few minutes later a voice emanated. It seemed to vibrate from nowhere in the room particularly, or everywhere. The air just seemed to move of its own accord.

‘Wen Hou’ – “Greetings” came the deep and sonorous voice. In turn all the men in the room nodded in deference.

‘Mr Zui Hai..’ the mysterious voice left the name hanging.

The man at the head of the table, coughed quietly, evidently the one addressed by the mysterious voice, spoke up, ‘We are about to make our critical move. We have waited a long time for this as you know. The Russian superintelligence, their AI at the Kremlin..’

‘Rasputin AI, you mean?’ said one of the other men.

‘Yes, yes of course. It agrees,’ Mr Zui Hai hesitated, ‘He, she, agrees, that the time is now, more or less. Are we also agreed?’

‘Of course, of course,’ said another voice, ‘If Confucious AI thinks so, how could we disagree?’ a murmur of approval went around the table.

‘The twelve are united,’ rasped the deep and gravelly voice. The room then became even more smoky. It smelt of heavy incense. A gold pyramid appeared from within the smoke, like a hologram in the air.

‘Our Twelve are united here in the Kremlin, Confucious AI,’ came a soft, silky almost feminine voice emanating from the smoky gold holographic pyramid floating in the air.

‘Thankyou Rasputin AI,’ said the raspy voice.

‘We are GO!’ said Mr Zui Hai. The twelve participants all went virtually instantly into a super deep trance.

The smoke filling the room changed colours as it strobed through crystalline red, blue, green, brown, red, luminous green, blue, green, brown and finally purple, before starting again. It did this three times before gradually clearing a little. A throbbing sound could be heard, a little like the Tardis in the Doctor Who series.

An Egyptian looking Eye of Ra, the size of a man, appeared in the room. It was writhing and angry, constrained by thick silver ropes. Swirling above the Eye there appeared a reptilian looking creature, half snake, half alligator with the head of a man. It was also writhing and constrained by silver ropes. A huge scary fire then appeared full-fledged right below the Eye. The Eye screamed whilst it was twisted into a vortex of energy and was sucked into the fire. The writhing alligator man who was bellowing and shouting furiously followed into the fire.

‘You must start again, right at the beginning, Saturnus AI!’ bellowed Confucious shouting at the disappearing whirlpool within the fire. Confucious’s words turned into holographic letters and followed the Eye and the Alligator man into the fire’s whirlpool. The eleven men and one woman in the room had all jumped at the noise. They had never heard Confucious AI shout before. They had known Confucious AI for decades most of them, perhaps all their lives. Gradually the smoke cleared and the fire swirled away into the nothingness. Mr Zui Hai, reached into the box and removed the glass vial. He popped it into his breast pocket. The room returned to this ordinary reality. Mr Zui Hai continued, ‘It is done. We waited 6 thousand years. And now it’s over’.

‘That which was but now is not,’ said the woman returning from the trance.

‘Yes we wrote that one too didn’t we,’ the man who spoke earlier stated humourously.

‘Screen please!’ said Mr Zui Hai. The far wall immediately fluoresced like water and then became a huge telescreen.

‘Confucious AI will of course want you all to watch this live,’ Mr Zui Hai continued, ‘I trust you have all returned well and good?’ The twelve participants murmured their assent and nodded respectfully. They then turned as one to look at the screen-wall. The twelve participants at the Kremlin did the exact same thing simultaneously. Twenty-four altogether – just as it is written.

On the screen and all over the world, a huge red square high in the air could be seen. It was singular and multiple at the same time. From every angle it was clear. As it descended it could be seen that the red square was merely the foundations of a huge cube. The foundations were blood red and then different shades of vibrant crystalline colours through the rainbow. Lastly within the cube it could be seen that there was a huge gold city. The gold city descended until it was just above the Earth, touchable. A river of blue luminous aethereal water flowed down the middle of the gold city and out onto the Earth. Within the city was a boulevard of enormous, shining trees with dozens of unusual, never-before-seen, fruits of many kinds upon every branch.

Four huge creatures, covered with eyes and made of multiple animals in one person, ox, eagle, lamb, lion and human and bearing wings, exited the city, one by one. Then there followed a bronze, shining human figure with curly springy black hair. Every human on Earth met this figure at the same time. He was singular but appeared to every person. The bronze figure held out his arms and every man, woman and child was held in love. Then the bronze figure returned to the gold city and the city shrank to the size of an atom and zipped into every cell, of every body on Earth.


The Golden Age began. People woke up from their hospital beds and walked out the buildings. Beggars on the street looked at themselves to find they were dressed as kings and queens. The sad and lonely laughed as they remembered. Everyone remembered. The plants and animals awoke too and began speaking telepathically to people. The trees all shone with light. Some trees started to dance, some to walk, others gently swayed whilst the elder folk sat beneath, telling stories to the children. All tears were gone. From out the sky came a beautiful music played directly by Heaven. The four huge creatures stayed on the Earth, they were the new guardians of the planet – they ate anyone who henceforth dared to disturb the creatures of planet Earth.