Ten years in the making and originally intended to be the reference material for a PhD, this 350 page book is available to you free of charge. I hope it will help those wishing to study Wilhelm Reich and orgone theory.


It is an indepth synopsis, with commentary for most of the major post-Reich (post-1957) orgonomy journal articles. It endeavours to offer a description of most of the modern experimental papers. It also provides another way of getting to know the history of orgonomy since Reich. The non-experimental papers and comments are selected according to a wide set of orgonomic and general interests.

An additional benefit is the cross-indexed reference system which enables you to select an area of interest, for example, Cloudbusters, Therapy or Experiments and read all the synopses in one section in that subject area. Areas with less references, for example a person such as Mesmer or Odent or areas with less written covereage in the journals, say pyramids, can be looked up in the cross reference section and the comments found immediately.

The Journal of Orgonomy is reviewed from 1960 to 1994. The other journals are reviewed up to the present time. I did not have access to the last batch of JO journals at the time of my original writing.

In essence it is like a condensed version of the orgonomic journals - originally its purpose was to enable me to find any quote, or reference from my journal collection immediately. 

Please click here for a link to the Post-Reich Annotated Bibliography as a PDF download from www.scribd.com or if you are not a member of Scribd it can be downloaded from Smashwords free of charge.

If you prefer you can also email me and I will send you a PDF copy of the book for free.

September 2017 - A new edition of the Annotated Bibliography is planned within the next year or so to include the Journal of Orgonomy post 1994, recent Annals and the rare English journal Orgonomic Functionalism which I have obtained some access to.