The Methods of Communication of Life-Force


Leon Southgate MSc 2020


Animals use a variety of methods to communicate. They use body language, which is material movement in space. They also use sound language via vibrational movement in space. Animals additionally use symbols to communicate, on their bodies or in the environment, perhaps to attract a mate or mark out living spaces. Reesearch shows that dogs can be capable, like ourselves, of thinking symbolically. For example, they can generalise that all snacks or all hugs can be represented by a single symbol. Dogs and other animals can learn a number of words and symbols. The animal researcher, Dr Bergin for example, believes up to about twenty words and symbols can be learned by dogs (1).

Humans and animals use language, even symbolic language. But what exactly is a symbol? Perhaps symbols and language go to the heart of the cosmos itself as the philosopher Pythagoras or the psychoanalyst, Lacan might argue.

As an example, we can take the symbol for a particular mathematical quantity of two – ‘2’. The symbol looks like a partial ring in ellipse above a straight line. We could say, conventionally speaking, that the symbol is an agreed or formalised pictogram pointing to a quantity of items. But we could just as easily simply imagine the pictogram in our minds and then it is still a symbol but does not exist anywhere materially. The symbol still points to a quantity of items. But what then is the symbol now? The imagined symbol is now merely an aspect of our own consciousness. In the example here, the consciousness of being a duality. It has become a quality. Perhaps all numbers likewise are qualities as well as quantities. The number two most obviously points to the quality of duality. The symbol for two - ‘2’, when imagined, becomes consciousness of the quality of duality. We might be imagining twins that we know, the twin towers or the philosophical notion of duality, these would all be aspects of ‘twoness’. The symbol ‘2’ is more than something which just points at something else that exists or that could exist.


Figure 1 – Twoness

Yin Yang



The symbol for ‘dog’ might be a stylised dog pictogram. Dogs can see this symbol and understand this means creatures like themselves. But what is an actual dog? In a sense the material body of a dog is itself a symbol for its own consciousness. A particular dog that has been a family companion for years is not just fur and teeth and so on. It is not just its material body but is its consciousness. When the dog’s consciousness views a stylised dog pictogram its consciousness tunes into ‘dogness’. Similarly, we might see a pictogram for the number two, ‘2’, and thus tune into ‘twoness’.

When consciousness is aware of something through the symbol it is more than just pointing at a particular reality however. If a symbol ultimately is an aspect of consciousness itself then the symbol and what it formally represents are aspects of the same thing. It could be said then that a symbol is more like a gateway to that which it symbolises. Everything in the material world could be classed as a symbol - a particular gateway to a particular consciousness.

The symbol for two, ‘2’, and actual duality, when comprehended by consciousness, could be the same thing. Thinking of ‘twoness’ and actual twoness, for example, feeling two coins in your hand are both consciousness of ‘twoness’. Imagining two coins in your hand, is the same thing in terms of consciousness, as actually having two coins in your hand. Athletes use this phenomena to train themselves mentally by imagining their athletics. This has been shown to have real effects on the body (2). And in reverse, putting two material coins in one’s actual hand is symbolic for twoness.

Telepathy cuts right to this connection between symbols and symbolised. Many believe that animals use telepathy to communicate. Pictures and information may be streamed between minds. Animal telepathy has been demonstrated by Sheldrake, for example (3). In telepathy, a picture or feeling is shared without need for material intermediary. The gateway to a particular consciousness, for example the consciousness of duality as represented by the pictogram for two, ‘2’, could be shared directly between my mind and yours. Or between a lion’s mind and a cub’s mind, perhaps the symbol might differ but the meaning could be the same.

That a symbol and what it symbolises are the same is the basis of actual magic. It is also the basis of various secret society’s manipulation of the public. This may be partly done through a consciousness manipulating code borrowed from the Kaballah, called gematria. For example, a word like ‘chaos’ can be turned into numbers using various ciphers which ‘geometricize’ language. Each letter is given a numerical value in the cipher, and then the sum of those letters has a similar energy to the word itself. This is because symbols ‘are’ what they symbolise. The road sign at the crossroads is part of the crossroads, not separate to it. Using the number tunes us subconsciously into the energy of the word it links to. The word itself tunes into the energy of the actual thing the word represents because symbol and symbolised are one process. By manipulating certain numbers into the public’s consciousness, certain associations and meanings are inculcated subconsciously into the mind of the populace.

Not surprisingly, the word ‘chaos’ sums to 19 in one of the main gematria ciphers. So Covid19 tunes the subconscious into expecting ‘chaos’. In this way unsuspecting people can be programmed like early computers to associate certain things with each other and over time to believe certain things. Covid19 often goes hand in hand with ‘lockdown’. This word summarises to 119 in one of the main ciphers. It thus resonates with 19, which resonates with Covid19. Both numbers resonate with emergencies (hence 911 which is the mirror of 119). The date 9/11 also resonates with emergencies, after which the war of terror was launched during a ‘national emergency’. Now we have another war of terror launched on the unsuspecting public and again numbers are used to programme them to be frightened and thus compliant. The Soviets were aware that incessant fear leads to manipulable populations.

There is some overlap with Neuro-Linguistic Programming whereby the hidden meaning of a gesture, a spoken word or a thought has a subtle meaning in communication. These meanings can have their associations changed or used to influence people. However in gematria the core meaning of a word is reflected in a specific number so changing the number presented to consciousness changes the recipients mind subtly. If instead of calling the posited new virus Covid19 it was named Covid17 its effect on the world would be different. Those who wield power know this and use gematria to linguistically programme the population. Perhaps this is why rock stars have often died at the age of 27. This number has many gematria associations from the Biblical to the mathematical, but possibly the association with the word ‘ritual’ is the most important in the music world.

The mass killer, Peter Sutcliffe was reported in British media to have died of Covid19 in 2020 at the age of 74 (74 meaning, ‘killer’ and ‘Jesus’, ‘gospel’, ‘messiah’ and ‘cross’ subconsciously in the minds of the masses via some of main gematria ciphers). This was at a time when a lot of people were thinking about how ‘the coming vaccine’ would be our new ‘saviour’ in the new mass religion of 'Covidism'.

Gematria is a form of NLP in a sense - when it is misused. For more on gematria see the indepth book of Zachary Hubbard (4). To do your own gematria, this website (5) is a useful research (look for the calculator).

Symbols and the symbolised are the same thing, in essence, they reduce to a consciousness entity or gateway. Therefore, we can subconsciously feel a sense of chaos and emergency when shown the number ’19’. But we can also tune into positive aspects of consciousness from the same gateway symbol. The reflection of 19, or 91 can sum to the word, ‘prophet’ for example. Nineteen figures strongly in the Koran. The number 74 can tune into ‘gospel’ or ‘messiah’ on the positive side or ‘killer’ on the negative. Both the positive and the negative connotations of the number 74 were being used in the Peter Sutcliffe story because the media want to sell the Covid Vaccine. Both the fear and hopes of the masses are encapsulated within that number.

Psychics and shamans, and indeed many of us, can tune directly into the symbols of mass consciousness with our minds, somewhat like animals communicating telepathically. The consciousness of a person, conscious entity or spirit can appear directly to shamans as symbolic communication. It appears such symbols might also be presented materially by converting flows of life-force (orgone). If symbols are consciousness archetypes or gateways and life-force is itself independently conscious, then life-force may, under the right circumstances, reveal itself into symbols. Flows of life-force, or orgone, as shown in Southgate’s experimental work, may be translatable into numbers (6). Very subtle movements of life-force are ‘counted’ in Southgate’s work. Numbers can be used as a shorthand for meanings or to notate music or to make geometric patterns when building things. They are aspects of consciousness. They may even be eternal aspects of consciousness. How often does the quality of twoness change? Or the concept of unity, as encapsulated by the number one?

Certain patterns of numbers this researcher has found appear to fluidly symbolise certain meanings when the life-force is translated. The numbers ‘12’, ‘11’, ‘8’ and ‘7’ have so far been shown to have definite though fluid symbology. Numbers which sum, divide or multiply into these base numbers also have similar meanings to their root numbers in the life-force gematria. The number 12 appears to broadly indicate ‘yes’, perhaps because there are 12 signs in the zodiac and cosmic cycles reduce into twelves, for example, Plato’s Galactic Year. The number 11 has spiritual connotations, number 8 appears to be shorthand for the life-force itself, possibly because 8 symbolises eternity, being two circles. The number 7 appears to have meanings of ‘no’ amongst other things. The life-force in the orgone generating device appears to have its own ‘gematria’. Multiples of the above numbers within a sequence seem to strengthen their meaning. Gematria is an ancient concept, dating to at least the inception of Hebrew, but likely before. It is in a sense a geometry of language. A life-force gematria would be a geometry of the life-force.

Potentially, when the number generation process is automated, the creation of life-force gematria could be in real time or directly translated into live music, movement or visuals. Also, the amount of information created is without limit. One could have 3 or 4 number generating devices within one orgone energy device. Depending on how subtly the generators were monitored huge amounts of information could be derived depending on the speed and direction of the counting wheels. Statistics could also be gained from the difference between the counting wheels at any one time and used as additional variables.

Figure 2

ORIN - Number Generating Device


(The electronic version of the Egely wheel is currently used, the manual one is above pictured.)




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