Have you always wanted to be a fascist but been too politically correct to admit it?


Do you like wearing jackboots and telling people what to do but have always worried that goose-stepping might offend people?


Do you love Lockdowns, wearing masks and being told to queue in the rain like a lemon?


Do you long for that sweet day in just a few weeks time when the fascist regime masquerading as the Tory party imposes the next big lock-up (PS September 2021, subject to change)?


Do you like being paid to stay home, watching daytime TV whilst the government kills all the grey haired folk and anyone else they can get their grubby mitts on?


Do you like shouting at people if they stand too close to you?


Are you so terrified of the flu that you’d give up all your civil rights and live in a fascist hell hole if Big Brother/Big Sister says they’ll make you safe again?


Is you’re being ‘safe’ more important than anything else?


Would you trade your life to get a life – knocking back that glass of wine on the beach in return for some mutant genes and some killer spike proteins in your arms?


Would you take any kind of genetically mutant spike protein crap shot into your arm and your kids arms if the dictators tell you to?


THE MAZI PARTY might be for you!!


The Medicalised Authoritarian Socialist Party has got your back!


What do we stand for?


§ We stand for whatever Big Brother/Big Sister says we stand for!


§ We love it that way. What is better than being told what to do? No more thinking! No more creativity! No more jokes at your expense! No more anyone being better than you!



What do we want?


§ We want the military on our streets injecting people with experimental DNA jabs whether they like it or not (coming to an open air prison/city near you sometime between 2021 winter and 2022).



§ We want a fresh lockdown by September 2021 so that we can inject all the kids with deathjabs in skool without the horrible deniers kicking off about it by talking about stupid things like ‘science’.


§ We want food shortages, riots and loads of people dying in their homes so we can blame the EVIL deniers and/or the terrible new Scarient (Moroni-19-and-a-half or the Beta-Gamma-Delta Scarient).



§ We want a false sense of security for a few weeks over the summer before the shit really hits the fan with Total-Lokdown-Forever™!


§ You want to go to the theatre? Not got your Moroni-19 passport? Then you can piss off. But don’t worry - the show was cancelled anyway. Everyone’s been pinged by the Crack and Erase App (formerly known as Track’n’Trace).



§ Want to go the supermarket? Not had two deathjabs? Well soon you can piss off too. We don’t care if you want to eat we only paid furlough so we could knock off the auld ones without you whinging. All we need is another big crisis and it’ll be passports all the way there too (PS that’s sometime from Winter 2021 - exact date tbc by Fakebook algorithm). And if you have had your deathjabs I hope you enjoy paying £9.99 for a small box of weetybix.


§ Do you remember when the MPs said, there’s no plans for mandatory deathjabs? At the MAZI party we want mandatory deathjabs by stealth, carestaff then NHS staff then whoever’s easiest to pick off next. One more big crisis and we want them deathjabs at your door free of charge provided by the Nihilism Hit Squad! (Formerly known as the health service).



§ We want an end to cash because cash is dirty and evil.


§ We want an end to independent jobs. Working for yourself is evil. We must only work for the HIVE.


§ We demand free money if you get the deathjab – sorry the Love Vaxx.


§ Those who work at McDonoughts, the only café still allowed to trade by the end of 2022, can get free vegan burgers on top of their Universal Credit.


§ We want the lokdown back and then for it to continue gloriously forever - Being at all free is dangerous and bad for the planet.


§ We want more clapping.


§ We want all restrictions back forever. Is someone doing something fun near you? Were you even invited? Well soon they can stop, or we’ll send round the fuzz.


§ We want no more schooling in person, meeting people is dangerous. Members of the MAZI party can go to school if they have both deathjabs and booster deathjabs jabs and the 16-in-one super fluejab and the booster super fluejab and the super booster, booster rooster fluejab and whatever other shite anyone who looks like they are at all in authority says (authority is wearing a suit or white coat and being on the telly and having nice teeth and a ‘Dr’ or ‘MP’ or other title in your name).


§ All socialising, learning and communication for the plebs people to be done on the internet and overseen by digital overlords with nice fluffy names.



§ We want all teachers for the plebs people to be replaced by nice clean robots and all schooling to be done entirely through cartoons on the BBC.


§ Coming in September 2021 (exact date tbc by Fakebook algorithm) – You naughty people, it’s all your fault, now because you lived your lives and didn’t have the deathjab we gotta punish you….


§ No more fun!

§ No more humour!

§ No more sport!

§ Best of all, No More Religion!


§ We demand that all religious establishments close again forever! God is evil and that’s a fact. (Factcheckers say this is a 127.72% true statement).


§ We demand that we can demand whatever we want to demand forever (as long as Big Brother/Sister says it okay)


§ We want laws to change every day at the whim of those (apparently) in power and for nobody to actually know what the arbitrary and pointless rules are. (Then you can shout at people for being so stupid, selfish and evil to be breathing in public, or for any other reason you feel like).


§ Most important of all we demand that everyone can freely choose to have at least 3 genetic injections a year in a non-mandatory way on pain of death. If anyone gets ill after these injections it is a coincidence, even if everyone dies it is a fecking coincidence so shut up and go away, lalalalala I’m not even listening, coincidence, coincidence. The injections are there to save us from the evil  viiiiiiruuuuus. Anyone who thinks otherwise will be sent to a concentration camp re-education centre.


§ Lastly, we demand that petrol and diesel is illegal, that we have climate lockdowns at least once a year (cos Greta is well jel’) and that anyone caught not cycling to their job at the big government megadeath corporation is sent to a mental institute for life (unless they are a member of the MAZI party or a billionaire in which case they can have a shiny new electric car for free).


This advertorial for your demise was brought to you by the CCP – The Conservative Communist Party -  a wholly owned subsidiary of China Inc, formerly known as the Tory Party. Also thankyou to the kind support of the Bill and Melinda Foundation for Truth, formerly known as the Labour Party. Also kind thanks to the SNP the Stalinist Neofascist Pogrom (More Lokdowns!™) and the Welsh Labour Party (Loadsa Lokdowns! ™).