The Mass Psychology of the Illuminati

Part 1 – Philosophical Problems


By Leon Southgate MSc 2020




What is the philosophy which has underpinned the power structure of human society for the last few thousand years? Is it a belief in something more than human? This article would argue that is indeed the case and that this belief, or lack thereof, has been instrumental in the current situation. The lack of belief in God has allowed the masses to be easily manipulated this writer believes. The god of authority and the god of so-called materialistic ‘science’ has become the arbiter of ‘truth’. The belief and active communion with an actual ‘god’ has on the other hand possibly allowed a hidden group to dominate those same people whilst at the same time promoting atheism and materialism which they themselves know to be false.

Theists would argue there is in existence, intelligence greater than humankind. A hidden group, who we can term the Illuminati (based on the Bavarian secret society set up in 1776) also believe in intelligence greater than mankind. The intelligence which the Illuminati worship, and that of mainstream religion, mightn’t be the same entity: there could be more than one supra-human super-intelligence (intelligences which are not based in a human body and which are beyond most humans in their capability). The belief of this author is that there is a singular and universal Godhead super-intelligence (the Biblical God, Christ Consciousness, Allah, Ja, Buddha Consciousness, Brahma) and also a number of negative super- intelligences (which we may call the devil, Lucifer, Satan and so on). The latter of which has been dominating this planet for the last six thousand years. These two intelligences are currently head to head in this author’s view.

What is the desire that has spurned on those in real power behind the scenes, which for convenience we will call, the illuminati? Perhaps these people believe they are in touch with the super-human source of the direction of world events for the past thousands of years. Whatever has controlled human fate for the last few millenias, we can safely say that it is destructive, somewhat merciless and interested only in power and aggrandisement. The events so far in 2020 reveal without a shadow of a doubt that there is a global cabal (a group of people working behind the scenes to manipulate world events) trying to assert power, or perhaps claim the power openly that they have held in secret previously. To assert otherwise is no longer a rational argument given the overwhelming evidence of a lack of rationality in the shutdown of human freedoms worldwide.

Even if Covid is a moderately dangerous virus in global or historical terms then we can use the treatments that have been shown to work such as hydroxochloraquine, zinc, vitamin C, plasma and immune boosting natural therapies. These treatments, which have been used with thousands of patients by many doctors, are made illegal or difficult to obtain.

Governments do not react rationally from the point of view of their citizens, rather they are terrorising their own people. If they were rational we’d be quarantining the sick and doing all we can to help the elderly in care-homes (during the acute period rather than afterwards). We would not be committing social and economic suicide. If fascism is the goal then it is a reasonable thing to do to have a virus panic which requires us to live in a fascist society. If a government can make everyone wear a mask when there is no need, it can make everyone do whatever measures it wants.

Today most Western governments do the exact opposite of common sense most of the time. For example, by leaving the elderly to die during the acute phase of the crisis (however the crisis was actually caused) and then making everyone socially isolate once there is hardly anyone actually getting sick or dying from the apparently new disease. ‘New’ that is unless it has actually been with us since 2019 as some European lab reports indicated. We have to have our second lockdowns because, ‘the virus is increasing’. Who would think healthy people would test positive to a test that is not designed to be diagnostic according to its inventor, Karry Mullis? We currently have whole populations in a state of fear without any real danger.

The Germans of the 1930s were trying to escape desperate poverty and did not have access to all the information in the world, unlike those in the West today. The Germans remember what is fascism is like and recognise it when they see it, which is why Germany has had the most resistance to lockdown measures (1.5 million marched in Berlin according to police reports which were later redacted. The BBC reports of 20,000 were lies, easily disproven by a quick look at pictures from reporters on the ground).

If we accept that there is an illuminati or equivalent group behind these contrived medico-fascist world events, what is their inner philosophy and motivation? Also what has been the source of their power?


There are, from a life-force consciousness perspective, bound to be super-intelligences. A human has a personal intelligence, so why not a planet, a galaxy or even a universe? There is no rational reason to suppose that only creatures like ourselves have personalities. Just because most humans in the West do not knowingly talk to super intelligences does not mean they don’t exist. The vast majority of the world’s population, for the majority of human existence, believed or believes in God and an afterlife because they have an innate feeling that there is something more than just the material, mundane world. If it was just indoctrination, the belief would be neither universal or, from humanity’s point of view, eternal.

The sceptics argue that belief doesn’t equal reality but in return one might say that there is a huge amount of evidence that consciousness is not localised to the body and that paranormal phenomena exist (see Rupert Sheldrake for example). Therefore it is scientific to say that consciousness is likely to be phenomena of the universe and not just of material bodies. It is nonsensical to say that universal phenomena can only have a local manifestation (a human or human-like body).

Many, if not most of us, have at times felt guided by something more than ourselves. Most people have experienced an intuition, or guidance which feels like it is from a source beyond the rational thinking mind. Perhaps this is the day to day expression of connection to a super-intelligence. Why write off such experiences as merely the subconscious? If it feels like guidance from something bigger than ourselves perhaps that is because that is exactly what it is.

In the Buddhist philosophy it is taught that there is a fundamental darkness force operating in the universe (not personified in certain forms of Buddhism) but that even this force can operate to reveal the highest life-state when someone is in a high state of consciousness (Buddhahood).  An entity might succumb to fundamental darkness or ascend to Buddhahood but the universe itself is the body and mind of the Buddha. Christianity essentially teaches something similar. The universe is the body and mind of God. Jesus Christ was the son of God who came here to help us heal and reconnect to God. God or Buddha being the whole universe does not appear to leave room for the existence of an equal adversary. A dualistic universe also would not make sense in terms of consciousness this author feels. For if the universe is one single conscious entity (as all things are conscious and all consciousness is interconnected) why would one part of this singular consciousness be forever opposed to another part?

However, having said the above, one could still have a super-intelligence which is not the universal super-intelligence (the ultimate God or mind of everything). The Bible says to judge a tree by its fruit and this seems reasonable. We trust people and situations based on past experience over time – their fruits of the passing seasons in other words. Buddhism teaches in certain sects that all evil ultimately comes from ignorance. And in Christianity all evil ultimately would come from separation from the universal (which in fact is not truly or ultimately possible, so to believe one is separate from the universal mind, or God, is illusion). Buddhism and Christianity appear to converge on this point.

Illuminati Karma

If one believed one was separate from the universal then one would strive for more material things or more consciousness ‘things’ (fame, worship, adulation, respect, prestige) or more energetic ‘things’ (power, information, knowledge, mind). This is because ultimately in separation one believes one is without ultimate power or without love which one has transmuted into the feeling that one gets from being worshipped or adored. One can also get a replacement respect by being dangerous to others as a replacement for the respect which one feels by being connected to everything.

One could say that why connect to the universal, why not just be evil? Why not have power over others and make them suffer if it makes one feel good? But does separation really feel good? To increase one’s power at another’s expense might seem pleasurable for a moment but strange how it is never enough and there is always insecurity that one’s power might be taken away or surpassed. It always needs protecting and furthering. It always seeks to dominate more and extend its dominion over time. It never seems happy or content in itself in the now, as a bird or animal usually is. Nature seems happy in itself when left to its own devices. This is because on the whole nature and animals are connected to the universal most of the time. If the universe is consciousness then the greater one’s consciousness the greater one’s feeling of happiness. So there can be no greater happiness than connection to the universal consciousness. Therefore power and control over others is at odds with one’s own happiness. The desire to become God or to become universal is a desire which is illusory. To desire something which one already is becomes counter to that desire. It is self-defeating.

To harm others but believe one can write off the karma through the other’s compliance is also illusory. One then has the karma of reducing another’s awareness of their karma, of their connection to the universal. Will that help one’s own connection to the universal and thus one’s own happiness? In seeking to be clever, one will ultimately just distance oneself from the universal intelligence, for can one fool oneself? And in a relationship of power, if one is the master of a slave then one is enslaved to being that person’s master and all the karma that relationship entails, until the other, who is actually a part of oneself, is free. And without the other’s freedom how can oneself be free? Therefore to seek power and control is to limit oneself. To limit oneself is to be enslaved by illusion.

The illuminati (or equivalent) might make sacrifices to a super-intelligence in the hope of gaining power and because they believe that their own ‘god’ is the universal or deserves to become the universal. But to seek power is to demonstrate one’s own belief in separation, which is illusionary. To seek worship is to demonstrate one’s own belief that one is worthless as all things worship the universal by virtue of their being an expression of the universal in reality. To seek pain or suffering for another in the hope of gaining energy is to demonstrate the belief that one is without energy. This is counter to reality as the universal has infinite energy and all things are expressions and aspects of the universal, so all things have innate infinite energy. To seek what one already has is to demonstrate that one believes in the illusion that one lacks something. But let’s say after accepting this one still says, ‘what you may call evil I call good, therefore I do what I like’. Very well, but that is to accept not being happy as there is only the universal in existence and to be one with the universal consciousness is itself the feeling of happiness that people strive for, including those who reject or sacrifice others for their own gain. So, is one ever really happy seeking the destruction of others when what one is seeking is actually the destruction or suffering of part of oneself to benefit another part of oneself? Is that not less than being whole? Is that not irrational and illusory?

So if the aim of the illuminati is power then that is destructive to themselves as it demonstrates belief in separation which is belief in illusion. If the aim is to feel a certain way, the feeling of euphoria at being worshipped or of taking an energetic or material drug then again that is an expression of being less than whole, which is illusion. If the aim is to be different from the herd of the masses then that is the goal of being different from oneself which again can only be contradictory, as one is all. If the aim is being or becoming the universal God then again that is a self defeating aim. To try and be what one is already is to deny the current reality. What the illuminati is actually saying then, is, ‘I don’t believe I have power or am a part of God’.

The illuminati, like their god, perhaps derive their power from knowledge of how this ‘matrix’ we live in operates and how letters, numbers, symbols and energy changes how the matrix flows and manifests. In seeking to control the matrix one forgets where reality actually comes from – the universal mind. So even though this group may have derived power from this knowledge and from coordination through a ‘super-intelligence’, ultimately it expresses a lack of belief in being an expression of the universal, otherwise there would be no need to control the matrix. Eventually their ‘god’ will desert to the other side, or already has, as all beings are an expression of universal consciousness. Their role is to be like actors on the stage of the mind, same as humanity. They are to be the grain of sand which results in a pearl, or the catalyst which lights the fire. Either, we are all the illuminati, or none of us are.

Part 2 will examine how the matrix is manipulated using numbers, letters, symbols and energy.