The Mass Psychology of Covid



Using Reich’s Insights into Fascism to Understand the Current Crisis


July 2020





We are living through what appears to be an unprecedented and masked psychological war perpetuated by governments upon the people in order to lead us into the era of the ‘New Normal’. There are a number of indications that this era is strongly characterised by fascism. I define fascism as a totalitarian government ruling a society bound together in one unit where the individual is completely subservient to the whole on threat of violence. This definition is a combination of the etymological (the rods or fascia bound into one body bearing the axe) and the sociological (common aspects of totalitarian societies). For some years we have been heading in this direction:

1.     Distinctions between areas of civil society have been steadily blurred. Major charities have become political and rarely seem to divert from government agenda upon which they are mostly dependent for funds. Fascism as we know literally means to ‘bind together’.

2.     Big corporations, government agencies and public bodies all seem to be acting with one mind. They are united towards goals such as mass Covid vaccination and public compliance with often arbitrary rules.

3.     Aspects of civil and political society which used to have autonomy are now working in unison. Government departments complain that they cannot get hold of anyone above them and communication horizontally has declined. Orders come from above.

4.    Councils act as one across the country, whether it’s putting up signs forbidding you to go into a park or lecturing the public.

5.    Who is actually in control of the UK government appears unclear currently. Certainly the Covid policy appeared to abruptly change toward the middle of March from the Swedish herd immunity model to the paranoia model of Dr Fauci and Bill Gates supported by their pet institutions like University College London (UCL) and the BBC.

6.     The military across Europe continues to be integrated by stealth unaffected by Brexit in an ongoing process over many years (1).

If fascism is a political state where there is an authoritarian, dictatorial government which enforces its will through a unified government-corporate-civil structure then that appears to be structurally close to where we have been heading for some time now. With the Covid situation the process has gone into top gear. What has happened since this crisis which is factually fascist?

1.     All public health was in effect shut down overnight. There was no discussion on policies. No agreement or consent. War-time powers were enacted and in some ways exceeded. The British love their NHS – but where was it?

·        It was shut down for months

·        No cancer care

·        No coronary care

·        No planned operations

·        Greatly reduced treatment of elderly critical care

·        20,000 patients were moved out of NHS hospitals and into carehomes without testing them first (Jean Dudley, Sky News Interview – 11/07/2020).

Elders who had often, prior to the crisis, been encouraged onto end-of-life programmes or given DNR notices (Do Not Resuscitate) had recently not been given hospital care at all, in many cases.

Many people in emergency or acute situations were in addition too frightened to ask for medical care. Many chose to suffer at home rather than go into hospital. NHS units saw expected numbers of people attending for acute care plummet. Planned operations and procedures at the same time were cancelled in apparent expectation of a coronavirus overload that never actually happened. When the curve of deaths was known, and no hospital overload likely, no change to policy was then made. There was no flexibility.

Longer term the NHS will not be returned to normal. GPs are triaging by phone, screening out many people, if they get through in the first place. Accident and Emergencies departments are proposed to be shut to non-Ambulance cases in some parts of the UK (Northern Ireland), and that might be rolled out more widely (UK Column, July 10th). With months of wait for basic tests obtaining a normal level of care from the NHS will be even harder. Healthcare has effectively been gutted and we will be well below Western Europe once again.

2.     A general overreaction of the British state could be excused for a short time. But within a few weeks the reality was known – it was dangerous but sadly mainly to the elderly and the co-morbid. Governments were not interested in truth it appeared. They could have mandated antibody studies of the general population straight away, relatively cheaply and quickly. This would be the normal approach to a new virus epidemic. One could find out the actual percentage of the general population who have been exposed to the virus and are not displaying symptoms. This percentage can then be compared to the number of people who are actually ill from a novel disease and then the real infection and fatality rates can be calculated. It would also be clearer which populations are most at risk. The results of such epidemiological studies, eventually done in the US and elsewhere in Europe, would have greatly diminished fear in the public (2). The government should have expected Covid to affect mainly the elderly unless shown otherwise. Honestly assessing Covid cases and trying to distinguish between what was genuinely a new pneumonia and what was not, would also have greatly decreased fear. Admitting that dying with Covid was not the same as dying from Covid would also have decreased panic.

After a few weeks it was apparent that this was not in any way, shape or form, a new plague. Yet it was treated as one and people were told that it was, for all intents and purposes a modern plague, in much part due the insistence of the WHO. Medics were given freedom from being prosecuted for actions they took in regard to treating Covid. The hospitals were additionally required to operate in what was in effect, complete secrecy. They became no-go areas. One can only think of somewhere like perhaps North Korea where medics and hospitals would be shielded from all outside view and scrutiny. A situation such as this would not widely exist even in wartime or in openly fascist states. No one seemed to be saying that this was wrong in a democratic country. It was expected that hospitals would have to isolate for a short period, to some degree at least. However, in practise it meant that the medical profession was completely unsupervised with little restraint on actions that might unwittingly cause harm, for months on end. We don’t put the NHS under a cloak of secrecy every flu season and that can kill in the tens of thousands in a bad year. Institutions are now used to working in secrecy and have the excuse of, ‘the virus’ to prevent the public ever taking back control of access. Access is no longer a right but a privilege – an exclusionary principle which is already being applied across all walks of life all over the world. Fascist states tell the people where, when and if they may have access.

In addition, the way the death certificates were being recorded in Britain was made much more informal, and in practise frequently falsified (I know this to be true from personal contacts as well as from the numerous whistleblower reports). Mental health procedures were also greatly weakened by reducing to one the number of doctors needed to section someone under the Mental Health Act. All classic indications of a fascist state it could be argued. The last Western European state to have secret hospitals was Nazi Germany.

The government effectively cancelled the NHS overnight and for more than 3 months - so much for a people’s health service. Routine screenings that in other Western countries would be done in days, have waiting times of months or more. ‘But It’s just temporary,’ those in government will say, ’we had to do it!’ Governments give up new powers very reluctantly and all logic and reason seemed to have gone out the window as far as actual Covid policy goes.

The exact opposite of what needed to be done has been implemented since Mid March in the UK:

·        Carehomes needed protecting - so the government protected hospitals instead.

·        Carehomes needed PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), extra staff and guidelines on isolating – so the government didn’t provide this until the peak of deaths in carehomes was long over.

·        Children were not at risk – so schools were shut (99.9% of children are at no risk from Covid19. Most children are unlikely to carry the virus. Most teachers are under 60 and in low risk groups).

·        Healthy workers were at low risk - so the economy was almost entirely closed.  

·        The economy needed protecting - so large corporations were allowed to trade but the government forced small business to close, many of whom will now go to the wall. How much social suffering needs has occurred to pay for the government’s lockdown?

·        Accurate information was not given about the situation. Rather the most egregious fear was broadcast 24 hours a day on every channel. Who is to be held accountable for terrorising the public? Why have sensational computer graphics of a virus and constant scrolling numbers of dead been broadcasted when we don’t even know the veracity of those numbers? There was no attempt to separate the co-morbid from those dying solely from a new disease. We don’t sensationally count deaths every flu season when the numbers, apart from the spike immediately following lockdown, can be comparable.

Someone must be held responsible for this assault, this emotional and psychological terrorism.

The government didn’t have to shut down the economy with all the familial abuse, deaths and suicides it will cause and that is before the longer term post-Covid downturn kicks in. Those who criticise non-mask wearers and illegal gatherings should bear in mind that perhaps 25,000 people have been killed by the lockdown and government policies already (July 2020). The Telegraph reported 13,000 non-Covid medical deaths (3) and at least 10,000 elders died in carehomes in England alone, homes which in practice were left to their own devices by the government in the early stages of the crisis. The lockdown has also created the greatest spike in family suffering and child abuse for decades, the Metropolitan police area reported a 500% increase in abuse reports. It was known fairly early on what the bell curve of deaths from Covid would be and it was also known that it affected mainly elderly and the co-morbid – not children or healthy workers. Government must be held accountable for this travesty.

The way the lockdowns are being reluctantly lifted and graduated across the world and the condescending way we are being told, like well-behaved kids, that we are to be granted a little bit of ‘freedom’ doesn’t speak to the new laws being easily relinquished. Before the first set of lockdown measures are even lifted fully there is new regional lockdowns imposed based purely on numbers of genetic test results – not deaths or illnesses which are actually decreasing. Novel viruses in populations newly exposed to a pathogen usually have a high spike then are quickly assimilated by the population and the danger of the virus is greatly weakened. Lots of positive test results, assuming they are fairly accurate, could mean anything – for instance that the population is getting widely immune. The government’s ‘R’ Statistic is also so meaningless and managed to be laughable.

This ‘New Normal’ is intended to be permanent it appears. Perhaps when a new weaponised virus becomes apparent or Covid19 Mark II is declared, the authorities will be able to say, ‘Sorry, we told you so, we’ll have to lock you down for years now and you must give up all your rights for good’. Alternatively, the spikes in numbers but not in deaths, caused by widespread testing, could be used to justify never ending partial or regional lockdowns and a semi-fascist society, such has already happened of course. And regrettably, due to the dynamics Reich pointed out in Mass Psychology many people might actually welcome such a state of affairs, perhaps particularly in middle class England. Possibly, as Reich would argue, because it releases some of the constant inner tension experienced by people and dissolves some of the responsibility for their lives.  

However, as this is written there was riotous scenes in Serbia as authorities tried to reimpose the lockdown there. Bulgaria hasn't had a lockdown for weeks, nor has Albania following widespread protests. This might be why the UK has blacklisted them for travel, alongside non-lockdown Sweden (which has better Covid deaths per million than Britain) and other non-NATO countries that have not locked down such as Bellarussia (UK Column 10/07/2020).

Public Health Officers (PHOs) in England now have powers under new regulations to take anyone away, including children, and detain them for up to 14 days merely if they are suspected of being infectious. Now that the first stage of the crisis is over, the UK introduces more and more draconian measures that restrict and threaten freedom (4). Perhaps the UK government knows something we do not.

Maybe the decision had already been made - to abandon capitalist globalism and embrace a world-wide fascist, planned economy where the only players are big business and governments. It would be an economy that needs a lot less people, and doesn’t particularly want to pay for pensions – or schools for that matter. Why wait for a global crash when, if one starts it now, one can be in control of the whole process and a virus gets all the blame instead of one’s own business and banks? It’s a ‘Get Out of Jail’ free card for governments everywhere, and on top of that, no more legal protests and the pension bill is a lot less because many elderly will be dead and the NHS partly shut. Presumably the middle aged will be next, unless they are ‘key workers’. What a loathsome term – one straight out of Stalin’s Russia. It’s almost as if Western governments have ‘dictator envy’ and want to be more like China than China itself.

Also if the globalists face a routing with Trump and Brexit one may as well lay waste to the field on the way out. Although the globalists, like the Third Reich, probably think they will be in power for at least another thousand years. Whilst we clap for the semi-empty NHS and talk to robotic GPs via Skype there are now waiting lists so long we may never get on top of them again. Wards were empty whilst thousands of elders died in carehomes, from lack of medical care or infections, all of which was avoidable, and worse - predictable.

3.     Fascist states are heavy on emotional propaganda and light on facts. Nazi propaganda experts always emphasised, not to try to reason with the public, just go for their emotions every time. Hitler emphasised time and again that the way to the masses should always be via their emotions and belief. Nowadays we can hear, ‘it’s “THE SCIENCE”, you’re BAD if you don’t go along with us, you’re putting OUR LIVES at risk’ scream the socially-engineered non-thinkers promoting lockdown measures. ‘Safety at all costs’ is the mantra and ironically it is often the scientists who are getting shuttered if their work doesn’t fit the political current. A religious fervour surrounds ‘the science’. (Anti) Social distancing and (Obedience) masks have little evidence behind them yet they are being implemented world-wide. At least governments can get some evidence for mask wearing if we are to be muzzled in most public places - that is not too much to ask, a few thousand pounds and a couple months study should do it. Chinese school children are made to wear masks and put behind plexiglass screens when it is known they are not at risk from Covid or likely to transmit it. English school children are lucky if they get 2 hours schooling a week and have missed the best part of a year’s schooling. This is worldwide socialised child abuse. University and schools solely via the internet is a bad joke. Humans need human interaction to learn and grow as all teachers know, we are not mechanical automatons.

The government says masks should be worn on public transport and when seeing your GP and when having your hair done and when you order a pint - the list will be endless because it ‘might’ make us safer. If we are to make these big changes - which will likely drag on for months or years then at least the government can go get some evidence that masks do indeed make the public safer.

The current evidence on masks amongst the general public is inconclusive or actually negative (they can reduce oxygen, increase carbon dioxide and concentrate viruses and bacteria) and is certainly lacking in quantity. But really the masks appear to be part of the new fascist state religion. It is natural herd immunity that will have the main effect in actually protecting us. Whilst the religion of the state is promoted there is no mosques, no synagogues, no churches open. A lay priest tells me that the rules for reopening churches in July of this year are so heinous he simply won’t bother, it’s too much. But we can all clap on a Thursday at 8pm sharp (the two minutes of love first - but soon we will have the two minutes of hate as well just like Orwell predicted). We know who we must love – the state as personified by Saint NHS with her stolen symbol of the Biblical rainbow. But who will we hate in our state organised and mandated mass events? We will protest obediently 6 foot apart from each other, wearing our masks whilst we vilify anti-vaxxers and those who don’t want 5G, perhaps right wingers too? Then we can all go back to terrorists and lone wolves again, who, funny enough, seem to have obeyed the government lockdown until recently. Perhaps the public cannot comprehend two sources of fear at once.

It is safe to protest though as long as the government approves of the protest. Yellow vests and anti-lockdown protestors spread Covid but BLM don’t.

4.     Safety First. Fascist states are all about the health and safety. WE will keep LITTLE YOU safe because the world is VERY dangerous and you MUST be taken care of because you are HELPLESS without the all seeing , all controlling STATE. Want to go into a pub or restaurant? You must tell us where you live first, and pay by card so we can see your personal details - because WE CARE.

It’s essential to make people walk around supermarkets in one direction. But it doesn’t matter about sending people with Covid into carehomes in April when it was plain that the disease mainly affected the elderly vulnerable. That policy alone may have killed up to 10,000 people in England and was repeated in the US, Sweden and the USA. That policy was all about ‘safety’ and ‘protecting’ the NHS. Hitler was all about safety and protecting the German people. It’s strange how things go in circles.

You must put a piece of fabric across your mouth and nose on the bus despite there being little evidence for it making any difference. But if a cheap anti-malarial combined with zinc and other things like IV Vitamin C might be used to treat hundreds of Covid patients in New York and elsewhere in the US that cannot be allowed to spread, especially if President Trump promotes it (5). False medical papers suddenly appeared in the international medical literature, later retracted, so that the public could be told that there are no possible treatments for Covid in the mass media (6), certainly not cheap and effective treatments. No one is going to get cured until the expensive vaccine is here (and even then we won’t actually be cured, we will just be the ‘managed’ sick). As one British Covid nurse told me, ‘They come in, we vent them, they go out in body bags.’ (‘Venting’ means they are put on artificial ventilators). The standard mandated, no deviation, no thinking medical treatment in the UK and in most of the world is nearly as bad as no treatment at all it seems. Or maybe it’s worse. Certainly the standard medical treatment for acute Covid is just medicalised slow death.

In parts of the USA where there is still some autonomy for doctors and some health staff are actually able to think for themselves, combination treatments for Covid patients may have been working.

5.     The legal situation has factually headed toward fascism. Running juries anytime soon will be very difficult with social distancing and acute paranoia. The huge backlog of cases, impossible to deal with have already led to calls to weaken our legal system and make it less representative. Judges will decide everything but who decides the judges? Not us.

The Coronavirus Act is an egregious piece of authoritarian fascism. MPs are nowhere to be seen and the Houses of Parliament seem dead. Rules are made up from above everywhere, one has to jump through hoops to do everyday things and national laws are presented without discussion or challenge. There is no opposition in Parliament and everyone from radio DJs to politicians to charities and large companies sing from the same hymn sheet as the government. If that is not fascism then what is?

So in both the longer term of the last few years and in this current crisis we appear to be factually heading into a state of some kind of fascism. It is unclear whether the UK even has a functioning government at the time of writing this (July 2020). It is however evident that had Sir Keir Starmer (Labour leader) been in charge then England would have followed Scotland and Wales and had a longer lockdown (or lock up rather). The SNP and the Welsh government are taking their orders from who knows where and it is unclear who or what is in charge of English policy – perhaps there was a coup mid-March. That might explain the authoritarian and incoherent laws and policies since then. However, those policies are continually being undermined and one wonders if that is partly deliberate. Perhaps there is a war behind the scenes as is the case in the USA. Who knows, but Parliament looks emasculated and very weak currently – all its prior fight and bombast has gone. A sanitised, ‘safe’ and somewhat toothless house remains complete with social distancing tape markers and polite questioning via video-link.

So What Would Reich Say About This Current Situation?

Firstly he would note that it is the character structure of the people that has enabled this situation to occur in the first place.  Sure there is an ‘enemy’ of the people (we’ll get to that later) but throwing off one’s masters is easier than constructing free societies when the citizens often act like slaves. The French Revolution at the end of the 1700s was easier to achieve than building a functioning democratic society and a socialist utopia. The French people crashed back into violence and disarray, a Napoleon emerged and after his new empire collapsed a compromise was hammered out which was distinctly conservative. In Russia the people tried to head towards Lenin’s communism and a worker-run state which sought its own enlightened dissolution. But the increasing personal and sexual freedom early on and control of the machinery of society didn’t work out and the proletarian dictatorship descended into fascism.

England with its imperfect but working parliamentary democracy, being sceptical of all power, tried to head toward a gradually better society for centuries. However, dangerously, it looks like much of the British now think they are immune from fascism. The British have certainly not created much of a fuss when draconian measures were imposed, unlike Germany and the US and some Eastern European countries. Germany resisted a full revolution in the 1800s and struggled to become a unified state, but after WW1 eventually became railroaded into the national socialism of the Nazis from a prior democracy. Britain wants to be wary we are not in our own Weimar Republic. The Germans know for sure that no one is safe from fascism and that the fascist mentality affects every state structure, wherever it is located, and every class of society too for that matter. Often the middle class are fascism’s greatest supporters, Reich noted. If you want to find frightened shoppers in Covid-crazy Britain, go to the supermarkets popular with middle class England.

Reich also thought that every form of ideology, due to mankind’s twisted character structure, could reveal fascist tendencies, even liberalism with it’s, ‘higher human values’. After all, the rigid, sexually suppressed and anxious masses proclaim, ‘We are not animals, it was we who discovered the machine – not the animal!’ (7).

Sadly, even that minor discovery is not true of armoured man. He is not alone in machine use, ants farm, animals use tools. Nor is his intellect unique, dogs can be capable of abstract thought, research has shown. On another side-note, unique to Mass Psychology, Reich put forward the idea that human armouring may have come from mankind’s attempt to master the mechanistic function. In the process, he himself became a machine, an extension of his own industrialisation;

‘The train engine has eyes to see with and legs to run with, a mouth to consume coal with and discharge openings splash...the product of mechanistic technology becomes an extension of man himself.’ (8).

The transhumanist fancies himself modern, in his quest for fusion with AI, but the process of becoming a machine started with armoured man over three centuries ago - and still it has not made him any happier.

Now the world has been headed toward a fascist global state on the back of an overblown medical crisis. Reich might argue that if the people were responsible for themselves, because they were in touch with their bodies, their natural healthy sexuality and so on, then the present situation would be impossible. Could a pharmaceutical industry get control over the Western media and governments if generally people took responsibility for their own health? Could the public be forced into believing that there is a new plague, standing at the ready to kill vast swathes of society, if the masses of people did their own research rather than watched TV?  But as one popular video commentator put it, the tide might have turned already. It is possibly now that the conformists and the government are the real conspiracy theorists, and the new minority (9). We shall see, anything is possible these days.

The Enemy Within

In Reich’s seminal work, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Reich argues that in a healthy society we would be governed by Love, Work and Knowledge. People would be guided by their work and by the people who are really good at what they do. Unfortunately a society gives birth to an outer layer of officials and politicians, who in Reich’s view, become, ‘the state’. The state is divorced from the actual productive work of society and therefore eventually begins to work against that society. And herein is an attraction for the ‘Emotional Plague’ infected individuals who attack humanity from their citadels within politics. In a way, Reich’s process may have happened twice. Society gave birth to the state, which then often worked in opposition to society, but in addition the state then gave birth to another secret state within itself. What Trump famously calls the ‘Deep State’ or what has been known in the past, by other Presidents, such as Eisenhower, as, ‘The Industrial-Military Complex’. ‘Big Pharma’ and its tentacles into government have also effectively become a branch of the secret deep state.

Why do people go along with this situation? Perhaps it is resignation, perhaps ignorance, perhaps for some because they do well in the system. Maybe the rationale is belief in only material things – this life is of no real consequence beyond the immediate physicality. If one can hide one’s actions from the public, or hang on in the company till retirement, then one is free of retribution. Or perhaps, one does one’s best to make improvements gradually only to find the system is gained against them. Or the rug is simply pulled from under the feet of the public. People have been getting poorer and services are gradually taken away. Health has been declining despite ever-growing vaccine schedules and an overall increase in wealth. Intelligence is getting lower despite better teaching. Merseyside used to have some of best drug treatment services in the country. Now it is a mess thanks to competitive tendering. Certainly the psychopaths in power don’t seem to be too enamoured of humanity despite all the claims of, ‘Stay Safe,’ and, ‘Be Aware,’ and ‘Help the NHS’. Reich would see these slogans as no different from the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s. We are living in the world of Orwell’s Ingsoc.

Reich’s idea of work-democracy was perhaps a little utopian itself. He dismisses Plato’s idea of the enlightened republic and politicians in general, though we should remember Reich was writing in the fearful 1930s. However, Plato saw philosophy as itself a kind of productive work and politicians, ideally, as the philosopher-guides of the enlightened state – the thoughtful polis. Could society exist without guidance? Perhaps people are wise and mature enough now to cooperatively run any concern from a wine press to a car factory. Perhaps the whole of society could be run from within, from the ground upwards. But what if genetically altering mosquito’s to make vaccines which ‘accidentally’ sterilised half of Africa was considered productive work? Perhaps those who have been in power think the release of a bio-weaponised cold virus into society is productive work for the planet as a whole? How do we decide which work and technology is good and which has too much of a dark side? Do weapons keep the peace or create war?

Reich thought productive work was that which enhanced life and that, without which, life would not function properly. That is a pretty good definition - mankind would probably survive just fine without tinkering with mosquito genes or weaponising viruses, but without fish and chip-shops, we’d suffer, at least in England. Sometimes it appears that Reich might, in a naive moment, have from his viewpoint in the 1930s, endorsed a future UN style technocracy - a work-democracy as envisaged by unimaginative technicians. However, perhaps the organic, pulsating work-democracy Reich might really have endorsed would be closer to a kind of cooperative market-capitalist anarchy – anarcho-capitalism as it is called. Or maybe Reich would be more at home with the Quakers and a Christ-like English socialism. Certainly, Reich viewed that fascism could go with any ideology and with any class of people. Types of work do not correlate with any particular outlook on life, he believed. There are fascist artists (Hitler for example) from lower middle class backgrounds and communist factory owners – Engels for instance.

Reich would have said that when the mass of people have bodies which possess freely flowing bioenergy and families which allow their young to express their sexuality naturally then we will be un-suppressible. Perhaps this is why the state seems intent on trying to destroy natural sexuality, suppress the family and take over child-rearing. But perhaps if the spiritual and psychic side is added to Reich’s body dynamics then the people would actually be unstoppable in reality. If the bodily ‘and’ the spiritual energy were to flow freely then the old structures would be seen through and the old ways not tolerated – perhaps. Until the last few years of his life Reich had a blind spot to spirituality, and orgonomic practices alone do not seem to be enough to change one’s deepest feelings and outlook in this writer’s experience. The spiritual and the body is important.

According to Reich, the authoritarian family creates and reproduces the authoritarian society, so the one must ensure the continuance of the other. Perhaps the perfect way for the global fascist society to perpetuate itself would be not to leave anything to chance and take over childcare itself – which is exactly what it appears to be trying to do. We may be heading toward a sterile population that can only conceive in labs and childcare overseen by the state – exactly as Orwell’s friend, Aldous Huxley, predicted in Brave New World. Strange how some vaccines in Africa have been found to contain sterilising components and fertility is plummeting everywhere (10). Population however will go down anyway if left to its own accord. Relatively wealthy people such as in the West and now across much of Asia, have less children. We don’t need vaccines to have families with less but healthier children as Gates misleadingly claims. Better health and better environments alone will do that job as they have been doing for decades around the globe. Leave mankind alone and in a century or two there may be only about a billion of us anyway – we don’t need culling, injecting or manipulating with technology against our will.

 If the overall technological environment were to change then politics would of course change too. If low cost energy were to be available and effective healthcare made common plus other suppressed technology, then it would be much easier to have decentralised societies which would be more ‘work-democratic’. The native tribes were on the whole work-democratic, but everything they needed was available immediately to hand. However, that state of affairs might once again be true in the near future. Certainly there is technology that could enable any group of humans to live very high quality lives, anywhere, without needing much external input. We live in a centralised Alice in Wonderland mechanised world where the dystopia is maintained through suppressing what reality is really like. Our so called science is a dream within a dream and the dreamer is of course, stark, raving mad.

Personally one feels it is unlikely that there would ever be no state at all. Presumably even if there were no threats from within humanity we would still need an army and maybe Trump’s ‘space-force’ in case some bad ETs come along or there was an environmental disaster. Perhaps we need states to provide certain things, like railways and motorways or space ships. If we look at nature most of it does its own thing without a government or external authority. Some animals are anarchic/cooperative, some hive-like/one mind, some hierarchical to some degree, like lion prides, but the level of cooperation is high in all animal groups. Nature tends to have a cooperative system of interconnecting wholes within wholes. It is a true anarchy or co-operative existence. The state could be likened to the environment for animals - it provides an external reference frame and some limits and guidelines.

Hitler, with his social Darwinist views believed that nature is mainly competitive and kill or be killed. The best survive. A nation must exert itself against other nations, a people against other peoples. But the opposite is true, nature is not firstly competitive, except in crisis. it is mainly cooperative. Modern people mostly accept the Darwinist viewpoint as true which makes them susceptible to the unconscious fascist effects of this underlying belief system. Nature is unconsciously seen as a bad or dangerous place so we must shelter under the protection of the inhumane, machine-like state. Animals are kill or be killed, therefore we must suppress nature and be like machines in the machine-like society. It is very subtle and pernicious, unconsciously reinforced by mainstream science. It is a view which sees the universe as a machine. If nature on the other hand is actually co-operative, has in effect a ‘soft state’ in the environment and behaves like an organism within an organism, then the whole scientific, but unconscious rationale for the authoritarian, competitive, controlling state is seriously weakened. The early social Darwinist view is entirely fascist but besides that is scientifically not accurate. Evolutionary theory has moved on understandably and does now incorporate more co-operative elements but the underlying philosophy still exerts its effects widely in society. There is no higher power, we are machines, nature is competitive, kill or be killed.

It is little known but Darwin himself came to believe in the exact opposite in the end - a higher power must guide evolution he admitted in a conversation with Tennyson. Darwin believed evolution could not head only in the upward direction (more complexity) without some kind of force pulling it upwards (11).

Swamp dweller animals dwell in certain environments with certain properties and likewise for plains and jungles. However, mankind has got himself into the position wherein his own created social environment, the state, is enslaving him and has been for thousands of years. Maybe mankind was always born into this kind of slavery. Maybe we are a child of the authoritarian state. Certainly our controllers and would-be overlords think that is the best we can manage and seem intent on sealing us into a technocratic, fully fascist society, where the average human would have no say whatsoever.

Are we going to wake our mind and bodies up, free the energy that courses therein as Reich noted? Or will we succumb to the plan for global domination? Never before has the elite been so exposed, so out in the open. Secret elites and public glare do not seem to go well together.

The aims of the current crisis seem obvious:

1.     Mandatory or virtually mandatory vaccination of entire population every year for genetic, health, body and population control at incredible profit.

2.     Total surveillance of body, mind and location of entire population at all times.

3.     Population reduction.

4.     Subservient, compliant and ‘group-think’ population.

5.     An end to cash and any transactions unknown to government.

6.     Decreased function of any kind of mass human activity that is independent of the state – churches, sport, artistic. Instead, ritualised behaviour and worship of the state via proxy (Saint NHS) and mass media figures.

7.     Decrease in schooling and decrease in learning. Move learning online and make it computerised. Politicise universities. No deviation in thought in academia.

8.    Automate healthcare and provide it only to those that the state wishes to provide it to.

9.     Unified local, regional and national authorities. Unified voluntary sector and government, police unified with military and various other enforcing bodies, unified media – fascism.

10. An end to all unapproved, meaningful and sustained protest. Violent protest and certain protests might be allowed if it suits government agenda.

11. Inculcating certain attitudes amongst the public: informing on others who do not obey, obedience, the wearing of uniforms/face coverings/mandated apparel to show subservience and frighten others/shut off communication, a need to be told what to do in all situations, overflow of regulations in every area of life paralysing non-conformity.

12. Weaken sectors of economy no longer in keeping with agenda such as alternative health, mass travel, theatres and anywhere else people meet en masse.

13. Remove politicians such as Trump by crashing economy and pressurise governments who do not obey globalist dictates.

14. Decrease in healthy sexual activity, decrease in spontaneity and healthy sexual expression (which aids non-conformity), decrease in human contact, decrease in families.

15. A global fascist government.


Covid19 and its engineered crisis expressed every element which can be used to usher in an authoritarian, fascist global state:

·        Widespread irrational fear

·        Irrational laws and arbitrary rulemaking

·        Turning sections of society against each other (the obedient versus rebels, the poor against rich, white against black, working class against middle class, young against old, the key workers against the ‘non-essential’)

·        Widespread culling of the elderly and then presumably other sections of society.

·        Lying fake media

·        Fake, junk science presented as total truth

·        Millions of true ‘believers’

·        A solution for a global economy going downhill (planned fascist/state control)

·        A ‘final solution’ for the overpopulated Earth (Bill Gate‘s own words in a TV interview talking about his coming vaccine – in jest but I think immediately regretted).

Hitler obliquely references the Old Testament at the beginning of Men Kampf, ‘The plow will become the sword, and the wheat which becomes the bread of posterity will be watered by the tears of war.’ (12). He is here referencing Isaiah 2:4, which talks of a time in a new Godly age, of peace and swords turned into ploughs. Bread in Hitler’s quote may be a reference to Bethlehem, which means, ‘Town of Bread’ in Hebrew. Coincidentally, this is the same Bible verse an excerpt of which is on a prominent wall facing the UN building.

Hitler preached peace through a government of man – the uber-man and the thousand-year Reich. Fascism likes to reverse things, such as taking a Hindu symbol of sexual energy movement and making it the symbol of mechanistic society – the Nazi swastika. The Lord of the Old Testament reversed the fortunes of the Israelites but often referred to them in Genesis as a ‘stiff necked people,’ perhaps recognising their armouring. The Israelites had access to advanced orgone technology in the Ark of the Covenant, so Reich’s hope in Mass Psychology that orgone knowledge would lead to de-armouring and that orgone could not be weaponised appears naive. But he did not know as much about the physics of orgone till the late 1950s (long after Mass Psychology was written and revised). He didn’t know that orgone technology was a prominent feature of the Bible (see the Ark of the Covenant and Moses/Joshua, King Solomon and the Temple, King Nebuchadnezzar).  Maglione’s work on orgone and the Ark of the Covenant is a good work in this area (13).

An armoured mind starts in an armoured body and armouring itself is maintained by suppression of the natural sexual life of the human animal according to Reich. How that armouring starts is not clear, but widespread trauma is certainly the mechanism. On a side note again, toward the end of his years, Reich identified an even deeper fear than that of sexuality – the fear of a higher universal power (14).

To return to virology, it is no coincidence that the HIV scare, which Dr Fauci was also heavily involved in, has many parallels to the current Covid situation. Even the same test is used for both posited viruses. The inventor of the genetic testing (RT-PCR) which amplifies countless times tiny fragments of DNA, Kary Mullis, did not believe the test should be used for diagnosing. It was invented as a research tool. As a medical diagnostic it is an adjunct at best, yet whole regions are being locked up again on the basis of this test. We now know, from Nobel prize winning chemists and professors on that level, that after nearly forty years of revisionism by the mainstream, the HIV virus is more likely to cause moon landings than AIDS (15). Perhaps the historical fate of other dangerous viruses will be similarly poor.

Thousands of healthy cattle were destroyed under Blair on the basis of a similar PCR test in the early 2000s and the contrived hysterical panic over Foot and Mouth. Blair’s real aim was likely the destruction of British farming in order to force Britain closer into EU union which he advocates, alongside world government, at every opportunity.

True living life, as Reich notes, is always challenging, and a little dangerous, but everywhere today we are told we must be ‘safe’ – in the 1980s it was ‘safe sex’ now it’s the universal - ‘stay safe’ – the exhortation for the masses. This to me is proof positive we have slipped well down the road into fascism.

One must remember that fascism is not left or right wing, it’s an ideology that is as happy with socialism as it is corporatism (again as Reich noted) but it does tend toward conformist ‘group-think’ rather than the individual expression. Reich said,

‘The fundamental difference between the reactionary politician and the genuine democrat is revealed in their attitude towards state character can be objectively appraised on the basis of this attitude, regardless of political party.’ (16)

It is not left versus right, it is those who believe that the state should dominate everything and those who believe people should be responsible for themselves. Most people probably sit somewhere between the two views, but this Covid situation has forced the latent fascists out the woodwork. There is no hiding and not much middle ground anymore, it appears

However it is not enough to merely point out the negative, even if understanding the psychology of this Covid crisis might empower - many people will already be more than aware of the points outlined. The key thing is, are there grounds for optimism longer term and what can one do right now?

Yes there are positive signs. Although this is definitely a 'cards on the table' moment it also means the enemy has been forced to reveal its hand, its psychology. It has revealed the things it dislikes the most - and its very existence to everyone. So it is all or nothing now. No one could now reasonably deny that a Deep State exists. Most states around the world have been acting in complete unison and against all logic and reason. But ever since Brexit nothing seems to be straight forward for the Deep State. Perhaps the citadel is not as impregnable as we imagined.

What can we do?

By revealing itself in plain sight the Deep State has also revealed the very things it fears the most – group gatherings, group spirituality, mass events, being in nature, community, spontaneity of children, meeting strangers, small businesses - we can see that by that which it has suppressed the most during lockdown – or lock up.

Let Love, Work and Knowledge be your guide. Ask the higher power to help you do what you need to. Ask the universe if there is something you need, knock and the door shall be answered. Reach out but also look within – the Deep State fears spirituality. Visualise the downfall of the old order.

We can also reverse in ourselves and those around us the rigidity in our bodies and minds that helped the Deep State to gain control in the first place millennia ago, after whatever catastrophe opened the doors to its incursion. See Demeo’s Saharasia for more on the historical origins of armoured society from an orgonomic viewpoint (17).

Most communist societies end up depopulating their own citizens when the original communist aspirations devolve into fascism. The ‘New Normal’ or ‘New Ab-Normal’ as it really is, should be resisted at every opportunity. If we get a ‘Second Wave’ of Coronavirus, real or imagined, or some new viral crisis that anchors in this New Normal then democratic society is just about over in the West. We will be in for decades or generations of unadulterated fascism, it will be as if the Nazi’s had won the war – we will be living in another novel – Phillip K Dick’s, ‘The Man in the High Castle’ which happens to be playing on Netflix now.

The historian Ebenstein, writing in 1945 stated,

‘The poison of intellectual appeasement had eaten so deeply into the body politic of some Western nations that it was seriously suggested that not only could the democracies “do business with Hitler” but that Nazism was the “wave of the future!”’ (18).

Let’s hope that Nazism is not the second (coronavirus) 'wave of the future’ because another lengthy period of lockdown would leave society in a definite long-term state of quasi-fascism across the West. All of this for a virus, which if we take away the many deaths caused by government policy, may not have amounted to a much greater number of dead than in a bad flu year.

One must of course leave the last word to Reich,

‘The way of fascism is the way of the automaton, death, rigidity, hopelessness. The way of the living is fundamentally different: it is more difficult, more dangerous, more honest, more hopeful.’ (19).









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