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My key research question overall is, Does Orgone (the life force) have consciousness? This is addressed in Orgone Continuum the title essay of this site.

The latest major essay on this site:

Is Defining and Assessing the Existence of Deep Artificial Intelligence from an Orgonomic Perspective (DeepAI is the link) (April 2022)

The Mass Psychology of Covid (July 2020)

In June 2020 Orgonomy and Viruses was uploaded.

See links to left for essays, there are a number of minor essays on comedy etc not listed here, see links to left.

ETs and the Lotus Sutra is an early essay on the ET references in this Buddhist text.

Orgone and Bioeconomics is about constructing an economic system more like nature.

Good and Evil is about an orgonomic view of good and evil.

The two Y Factor essays explore the secret Y Factor of Reich's orgone motor and give an educated guess as to what the Y Factor is.

Reich and Freud, The Primacy of Consciousness looks at how Reich and Freud can now be reconciled and how their views mirrored each other.

Orgonomy and Viruses looks at the whole field of microbiology and virology in the light of the Covid crisis.

The Orgone Continuum 1 is an early essay on orgone and consciousness. An essay of the same title at www.psychorgone.com gives a later more updated view.


Most of my major papers are at the Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy:

A Preliminary Investigation into a Prototype Device Based Upon Reich’s Spacegun

Recent paper exploring a device similar to Reich's radioactive cloudbuster.

Oranur and it’s Possible Applications in Artificial Intelligence

Practical investigation of an orgone computing device.

Positive Findings On Constable’s Orgonotic Bio-Forms (lead author Nik Hayes)

Investigation of Constable's orgonotic bio-forms and analytical summary of all key work in the area since and including Constable.

Positive Findings On Constable’s Orgonotic Bio-Forms Part 2

New groundbreaking British evidence for bio-forms.

Preliminary Experiments with Electrical Capacitance, Temperature, Radioactivity, Luminesence and Other Observations associated with Controlled Oranur in a Strong Orgone Device

First full scale investigation and repeat of Reich's oranur experiment.

Further Preliminary Experimental Report on Oranur

Further report.

Implications of Orgone for Consciousness Research Part 1

Orgone and consciousnsess experimental and theoretical work

Implications of Orgone for Consciousness Research Part 2

The Orgone Continuum

Orgone consciousness implications for philosophy.