WELCOME! July 2018.

A lot is going on in orgonomy... a new article by Roberto Maglione is the most comprehensive review to date of the oranur reaction from Reich till the present day and presents new, key analysis of Reich's oranur experiment JPOT Oranur Article

An article on orgone and acupuncture since the 1970s has been written and will be submitted to a complementary medical journal soon or will be published here.

A series of monthly videos going through my papers in sequence from my MSc forwards, next one is due mid August. The first one is about orgone and acupuncture, here. The next one or two videos will look at the orgone and consciousness papers.

Other fairly recent papers and articles:

My experimental paper on oranur published by Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy, the first experimental oranur paper since 1951.

Journal for Psychiatric Orgone Therapy.

An orgone consciousness prototype, the ORIN or ORgone INformation system. Video

The Primacy of Consciousness article (published here) argues that Reich was shifting toward my own view of consciousness and charts a new relationship with Freud's thinking:

'Wilhelm Reich, Freud and The Primacy of Consciousness'.

My main papers on orgone and consciousness were published by The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy late last year:















1. Physical consciousness, what can be termed, ORGONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

2. ORGONE CONSCIOUSNESS segues into what Reich knew as ORGONE ENERGY.

3. Orgone energy condenses into ORGONE MATTER.