WELCOME! November

What can one say about the recent madness pocket option windows download around the world? Its hard to sum it all up but lets keep on encouraging each other, protesting and reaching out together - the Wall Will Fall as they say. The Awakening is unstoppable now. Each one of us is making very valuable contributions.

Recent new work includes a radio interview with the bioform research Nik Hayes, now the number one researcher in this area in the world, see here for the Youtube version (with illustrations)

Positive Findings on Constable's Orgonotic Bio Forms - Part 1 - YouTube

Positive Findings On Constable's Orgonotic Bio Forms - Part 2 - YouTube

or the original https:/wwwpocketoption.in/download-app radio version here:

HPANWO Radio: Programme 438 Podcast- Nik Hayes & Leon Southgate (hpanwo-radio.blogspot.com)

A New academic paper on Reich's Spacegun, Shamanic parallels, Oranur medicine and psychic effects of oranur is here: 

Possible Environmental and Shamanic Effects of Oranur | The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy (psychorgone.com)

Also a new comedy essay on artificial intelligence and 'energy'

And lastly some thoughts on the lyrics of Kate Bush's famous cloudbusting song (there's more in it than I realised)


 For more on the madness and for a dose of sanity visit the excellent thrice weekly live UK news from:


For up to date good quality news on the http//pocketoption.in/download-app whole situation, have a look a




- the only thing between many of us who can think and madness. Thanks UK Column, you are great.

Also have a look at this excellent article with many great and informative links about the current period of mass 'trauma-based mind control' and  'health-based communism' we are in -